I always buy the Baguettes from the bakery section at the end of the day (they will sometimes be marked down) the night before I want french toast. I will then slice them and cover them with paper towels over night allowing them to go stale. Usually I mix up the liquids the night before as well, that way in the AM… » 9/23/14 9:16am Today 9:16am

Heck.. you can buy a brand new concrete mixer on craigslist for $150 and take your time with the project then sell it for $100 later. Or find a better one on CL for a little more. Use it and then sell it for what you pair for it. I've known people who "rent" tools from CL, it just ties up a little bit of money, but… » 9/23/14 9:10am Today 9:10am

At work we use a neodymium magnet from 2.5 HDDs to find the studs. We have metal studs so stud finders usually fail at picking them up. I discovered that the tiny magnets from laptop HDDs make great stud finders. They are powerful and light enough to stick to the walls where the sheetrock screws are. Find a couple… » 9/18/14 7:19am Thursday 7:19am