Actually CDJs have been able to use USB sticks for a while. This pretty much the same as the other higher end CDJ models, but without the CD drive, which honestly is pointless these days when you can buy a 128GB thumb drive and hold nearly 200 uncompressed CDs worth of music. They perform identically when using a CD… » 11/13/14 11:52am 11/13/14 11:52am

I often buy CDs when I go to see bands live, from their merch table. Most of the Bands that I like enough to attend their shows are indie bands. When I buy it directly from them, I know they are getting a bigger cut, even though they sell the CDs for much less than retailers. » 11/03/14 5:47pm 11/03/14 5:47pm

In my area it is pretty dumb to rent over buying if you plan on staying in the area for a while , you need 3 or more bedrooms and you have decent credit. My mortgage+homeowners insurance payment is <$600/mo for my 1800+sqft 4br house in a decent area. In a really crappy area, you would be lucky to get a small 3br for… » 10/29/14 12:06pm 10/29/14 12:06pm