My first car was provided for me, though I paid for all of my gas and insurance, and maintenance. It was 1998 and I got my Mom's '93 4dr base trim Grand Prix. 5yo car with a v6 may sounds pretty good for a first car, but that thing was USED! They bought it for a song in '94 with 30k miles (former rental). My mom was a… » 4/10/14 5:37pm 4/10/14 5:37pm

When you come to the NAM you will find the S-3B "Navy One" in Hanger Bay One behind the main museum, right next to the VH-3 "Marine One". I have some pics at home from the last time I went. I think that you can even sit in it (or at least a cockpit from one) » 4/09/14 3:25pm 4/09/14 3:25pm

NEVER spray an Element down with a water hose, there is nowhere for the water to drain. It will puddle up, soak into the floor padding and cause mold, shorted out electronics, and eventually rust. The seats are water repellant, but not waterproof and the floor is plastic. A misting with a fabric safe cleaner from a… » 4/07/14 12:13pm 4/07/14 12:13pm

Ii think that you guys don't understand how Time Machine works. In addition to backing up your files, it will keep making revision backups every time you change a file and it will even keep a copy of deleted files. It will do this until it completely fills up a drive. Only then will it remove the oldest revisions and… » 4/03/14 11:06am 4/03/14 11:06am

I vote for this one as well. We have a purchased a few of these here at work (TV Station) and will be adding a half dozen more in the near future. They are totally plug and play, and have amazing sound quality for the price. Great for recording voice, there is even a bidirectional mode that is perfect for two person… » 4/03/14 7:52am 4/03/14 7:52am

I'm 6' and drive a Honda Element. I just measured and the top of my head is 7" from the ceiling. I sit fairly upright with the seat about 2/3 of the way back. If one were to slide the seat all of the way back (which tall folks would have to for added legroom) I would say a 7' tall person could semi-comfortably drive an… » 3/27/14 12:11pm 3/27/14 12:11pm